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Rectangle Trinket Tray Viva La Vida Hand

Rectangle Trinket Tray Viva La Vida Hand

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Step into a world of vibrant artistry and embrace the spirit of self-expression with the Viva La Vida Ceramic Trinket Tray. This captivating piece, designed for the colorful home and the house proud, pays homage to the iconic Frida Kahlo and invites you to celebrate her artistic legacy.


Crafted from exquisite new bone china, and Inspired by Frida's own powerful and expressive hands, this tray is a testament to her ability to create beauty from within.

The Viva La Vida Ceramic Trinket Tray is more than just a functional accessory; it is a work of art in its own right. Display it on your dressing table, bedside, or mantelpiece, and let its captivating presence infuse your space with color and creativity. Whether you choose to store jewelry, keys, or other cherished trinkets, this tray ensures that your belongings are organized in style.

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