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Courage and strength journal

Courage and strength journal

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Be uplifted with messages of hope, determination, and perseverance with Intrinsic's Courage & Strength Quote Book written by Australian inspiration icon Adèle Basheer.

Adèle believes that words have a powerful ability to guide us through life's journey, and with just a little inspiration, we can change our focus, gain clarity, and move in a new direction. 

Encapsulated within this enchanting hardcover book of quotes, you'll find a collection of heartfelt messages, inspiring affirmations, and unique illustrations set to guide you through life's obstacles.  

Whether a gift to yourself, a treasured family member, a faraway friend or simply someone you know who’s going through a rough time, this little book of quotes will help to not only summon the courage to confront life’s obstacles but to rise above them.

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