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Mexican; A journey through design

Mexican; A journey through design

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With Mexican, Newell Turner does for Mexican design what legendary culinary pioneer Diana Kennedy did for Mexican food. Turner searched the country for the designs and details that are the essence of Mexican style, and takes readers behind the walls, gates, and doors of private Mexico into another world of interior design, from Spanish Colonial and Baroque to Surrealism, 70s Brutalism, and contemporary work. His story is in the spirit of memoirs like Driving over Lemons. He’s an experienced traveller discovering another country – and himself along the way – in photographs. This breathtaking album shows how every room, courtyard, chair, vase, flower arrangement – and even a plate of food or a piece of clothing – is part of a long, connected, unique design heritage. Turner spent his professional life chronicling American style, and now his passion is Mexico. We are invited to join him, as he explores the previously unseen homes of native Mexican craftsmen inspired by ancient traditions, as well as vacation and second homes, in a fresh look at this stunning and varied country.

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